Bobby CaniFrance

Bobby was born in 1957 and in the 70’s began his journey in the CaniFrance family until its acquisition a few years later.

In 2002, the company was relaunched, from the product catalog to outsourced manufacturing, all aspects of the company were revolutionized to open Bobby to internationalization.

The revolution becomes complete in 2012 with the refresh of the company logo and the closure of the craft workshops for leather processing active since 1946.

In 2021, the Bobby CaniFrance Brand is acquired by the Croci Group.

Our strength

The Brand Bobby stands out within the pet market, thanks to its values, such as the search for the highest quality, elegance, creativity, anticipating trends and finally its strengths:

– 100% of the products are designed by Bobby.
– Riconoscibile stile francese: “Le Chic à la française”.
– High end: original style and middle segment: classic style.
– Elegance and quality.
– We renew 20% of our collections each year.

4500 +

Developed products