Amtra Croci

Founded in 1986, Amtra pro nature is the leading European company in aquariology.

As early as 1989, the company gained European recognition through the development of the Amtra Clean product, the first bacterial-based aquarium treatment product. Since then, Amtra has become a reference point for aquarists thanks to its many innovative aquarium treatment products.

Another strong point is that the Amtra brand was conceived and developed within Aquarium Glaser, the most important European greenhouse of import/export of tropical freshwater fish; All products therefore have been developed primarily by biologists for internal use and, once tested the great effectiveness, distributed to all final consumers.

Our Future

By joining the Croci Group, Amtra has embarked on the road to total recognition at global level and not only in Europe.

In 2017, maintaining the pioneering spirit of the early days, Amtra decided to launch itself also in the market of “electric” products, aquariums included, collecting a remarkable response for the new lines.

As with the first bacterial-based products for aquariums, these lines are pushing the company into a future of further innovation.

3000 +

Developed products