Our Vision

For over 30 years, Croci has been taking care of animals, with products designed to make them feel good. With the same passion, the company wants to give a paw to the environment, generating a positive impact that can inspire others to do the same.

Sustainable activities

Croci Spa has decided to accelerate to the maximum towards eco-sustainability.

The company’s goal is to become carbon neutral as soon as possible. Offices, warehouses and production departments have begun to be optimized in favor of the green turn through, first of all, a photovoltaic system to make the company energy independent

In addition, he decided to collaborate with Treedom and plant a forest of cocoa trees in Cameroon, which will be cultivated by local communities, because sustainability is a mission that bears the most beautiful fruits when shared.

Croci’s Forest

Already 500 cocoa trees have been planted in Cameroon and more will be planted by the end of the year. Thanks to Treedom, not only Croci is good for the environment, the trees that have been planted, in fact, absorb from the atmosphere an amount of CO2that would be enough to fill as many as 143 trucks; but it also helps farmers by improving food security for rural people, increasing local agricultural resources and providing additional income opportunities.


Trees planted in the Croci Forest


CO2 emissions reduction


Ecological products


Kennels and kittens helped