Future is GREEN!

We are now aware that the future is GREEN and CROCI strongly believes that a greener world is a better world and wants to contribute by offering new sustainable choices with low environmental impact. For this reason, today we want to present choices that can have a positive impact on the consumer, that meet the needs of the present while remaining true to our social and environmental responsibility.

SUPER NAPPY ECO mats are made with more than80% BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL.
and SUSTAINABLE because, even if disposed of in the dry non-recyclable, the materials of which they are composed biodegrade naturally in a short time compared to traditional absorbent mats. In addition, the packaging itself is designed to be easily recycled in every component.

ECO Wipes by Croci: safe for the animal, safe for the environment.

An absolute novelty in the world of hygiene for our beloved pets:

– Wet wipes with a delicate lotion enriched with vegetable components and made of soft cellulose 100% biodegradable and disposable even in the toilet. – Perfect for any occasion that requires waterless cleaning.
– Made of certified fabric
– Testate according to quality standards certified at European level.
– Crocinon’s ECO wipes contain Parabens and SLS.

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